Gargish Language

Martin Brenner (Gargish Dragon)

a           but
ad          upon
agracar     weapon
ahm         honesty
ai          there
ailem       matter
ailemde     solid
aksi        principle, axiom
ali         another
alt         deep, high
an          negate, dispel
an-ai       absence
aniw        strange
an-ku       without
an-mur-de   uncountable
an-ord      chaos
an-por      rest
ante        in
ara         altar
ark         keep
atri        hall
auks        help
beh         justice
ben         good
ben-fin     success
ben-in-tas  precision
ben-om-mani prosperity
ben-tas     virtue
bet         small
can-por-tas admittance
daemon      daemon
de          from, of, than, as
delsa       soft
des         lower, down
des-de      below
des-ter-mur underworld
des-trak    down to
de-te       are
don         give
duc         guide
dur         while, during
er          so
ew          and
esta        this
esta-de     thereby
esta-tim    then
ex          freedom
fel-das     error
fel-uis     fable
fin         end
flam        flame
grav        energy, field, power
gres        out
hiuman      human
hur         wind
i           I
in          make, create, cause
in-bet      make small, focus
in-te       to make
in-vas      grow
in-zen      birth
ista        these
ita         therefore
jux         danger, trap, harm
kal         summon, invoke
kah         sacrifice
kans        food
kir         circle
klau        chamber, room
kodeks      book
korp        death
kred-te     to believe
ku          with, together
kua         as
kuad        cube
kuante      within
kua-tim     when
kui         anything
kuo         of, about
ker-de      sure
lein-tas    achievement
le          could
lem         one
lem-mur     everyone
librum      book
liy         language
lok-te      to speak
lor         light
lor-rel     lens
mag          important
mancar      remains
mani        life, healing
mani-te     to live
min         less
mis         same
mis-tas     balance
mis-ve      similar
mon         lead
mu          compassion
mur         many
nes         must
ni          neither, no
oc          eight
om          spirituality
or          passion
orblap      moonstone
ord         order
ort         magic
ov          egg
pa          by
pal         pale
par         equal
pen         five
penin-tas   precision
per         function
per-le      use
per-sa      valuable
plu         more, most
por         move, movement
pri         first, one
pri-de      single
pri-tas     singularity
quas        illusion
qua-tim     when
qi          three
ra          valor
re          to (so that)
re-sci      remember
re-te       begin
rel         change
rit         ritual
sa          can
sal         follows, stem from
sec         two
sekde       other
sem         seven
sent        feeling
si          if
sit         to lie
ski         know
skri        to write
son         sound
summ        honor
tablap      table, slab
tan-le      touched
tas         be
tein-te     continue
ten         have
teper-tas   persistence
ter         location
terailem    plane
ter-esta    here
ter-init    originally
ter-mur     world
ter-ort     temple, place of magic
ter-reg     forest, land, region
tim         time
trak        moveto, direction
trak-por    to draw
trak-tas    direction
tri         interesting
tu          all
tu-tim      always, forever
tim         time
ui          we
ui-de       our
uis         knowledge
uis-lor     image
un          control
us          diligence
vas         great
ve          as, like
ven         find
ver         veritas, truth, right
ver-de      truly
via         way
vid         see
vol         wings
vol-de      winged
zaw         someting
zen         creature [->xen?]
zen-mur     race
zu          sleep

?ar         part

-tas        the ... being (noun)
-de         ... ed (adverb, past               tense)
-le         be ... (passive               verb, adjective)
-te         to ... (active verb)
in-         make ... (creation,               change)
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