Ultima II - Revenge of the Enchantress

The triumph of the Avatar did not last long, for in slaying Mondain he brought the wrath of Minax down upon the land. Minax was the young lover of Mondain and a sorceress with magical powers even greater than Mondain’s. She had the power to command legions of foul creatures, and in her quest for vengeance over the death of her lover, she brought much misery to the people of Sosaria. Again the hero who would come to be known as the Avatar returned to Britannia in the first recorded use of the Moongates. The Avatar slew Minax’s minions and did eventually destroy her as well. While there have been speculations as to the motivations of the Avatar, there is insufficient evidence to show that the Avatar was driven to violence by jealousy over Mondain’s romantic involvement with Minax. That being said, such theories are hereby denounced and should not be given consideration.

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