The Moongates Ultima IV Annex
The Moongates Ultima IV Annex
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February 25th, 2004
Why bother with an update after almost three years? To make sure you know about xu4 - Ultima IV Recreated!

This Sourceforge project is a cross-platform, faithful recreation of Ultima IV using and requiring the original data files. Especially for people who want to hear the MIDI music but liken the VGA graphics offered here to the colorization of a classic film (what a horrible, ghastly thing I've done ;-) this is a great way to go!

Furthermore, you can plop the zipped upgrade from this site right alongside the xu4 program file and the new graphics will be recognized immediately. No need to patch! Xu4 is a complete solution that adds many interesting features to U4, and they are all optional, which is sure to please the purists.

Check it out right now if you haven't already.

April 2nd, 2001
Now available: The Ultima IV Music Machine v1.0, created by Aradindae, is now available in the Upgrade section.

Use this new utility to customize the music you hear in the patched version of Ultima IV (patch version 1.2 or higher). You can now supply custom midi files to be played during the game. Midi file creation rules and program instructions are included with the download. Enjoy!

March 9th, 2001
A new upgrade version is available (v1.3), which adds the following features:

Alt-F: Frame limit toggle (default is off)
Alt-V: Master sound toggle (default is on)
Alt-S: SFX toggle (default is on)
Alt-M: Music toggle (default is on)
Alt-'+': Increase volume
Alt-'-': Decrease volume

NOTE: SFX and Master sound control keys have been added as preparation for digital sound effects. Thus, if Master sound is off, you won't get music even if music is on. Actual digital sounds HAVE NOT been added yet. See the readme file for additional details.

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